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Nurbol is born and based in Almaty . He got his bachelor degree in painting, in Kazakh National Academy of Art in 2009, Almaty. In 2010 he got his scholarship, and started Master of Fine Arts to study in Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA. In 2012 after receiving his master degree, Nurbol returned to Kazakhstan and since 2013 started teaching in local art college.
 Currently working in his studio in Almaty





   2012    MFA, Painting, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, US     

   2009    BFA, Painting, Kazakh National Academy of Art after T. Jurgenov, Almaty


Solo shows

PANOPTICON.THE UNSETTLED BODY. Ainaliyn Space, Three Highgate Gallery, London, UK.

                 Curated by Indira Dyussebayeva-Ziyabek


    2019    SPLIT, Aspan gallery, curated by Yuliya Sorokina, Almaty, Kazakhstan

    2014    UNCONSCIOUS, A.Kasteev museum,  Almaty, Kazakhstan


Group Exhibitions

   2023    KAZAKHSTAN ALL THE TIME, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeonju-si, Korea, curated by Minyoung Kim, Vladislav Sludskiy

   2023    IZDER - 4. A.Kasteev museum,  Almaty, Kazakhstan, curated by Samal Mamytova

   2021    SHEBER. THE BODY AND RITUALS. Yemaa Gallery, curated by Assel Akhmetzhanova, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

   2020    MATA collective exhibition, Almaty, Kazakhstan

    2018     EURASIAN UTOPIA-POST SCRIPTUM, Focus Kazakhstan, Suwon, Korea, curated by Yuliya Sorokina,

    2018     BAD JOKES, dedicated to the 70 th anniversary of the  universal declaration of human rights, Artmeken gallery,                                             curated by Valeriya Ibrayeva, Almaty, Kazakhstan

    2018      AT THE CORNER: CITY, PLACE, PEOPLE, Tselinny cinema, curated by Meruyert Kaliyeva, Almaty, Kazakhstan

    2017      ACT OF CREATION, Artbatfest, Arman cinema, curated by  Vladislav Sludskiy and Yuliya Sorokina,                                                                    Almaty, Kazakhstan

    2017     SUNS AND NEONS ABOVE KAZAKHSTAN, Yarat Art Center, curated by Bjorn Geldhof, Baku, Azerbaijan

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